How to Maintain Your Vaillant Boiler for Optimal Performance

Vaillant is among the top names in heating. For over 150 years, the company has been a leader in keeping homes warm and comfortable across the UK. Their commitment to efficiency continues with their modern heating systems. However, even the best equipment requires regular maintenance. This is why Vaillant boiler service is essential.

Here at We Service Boilers, our qualified heating engineers specialise in servicing Vaillant boilers. Our annual service ensures that your boiler remains under warranty, operates efficiently, and keeps you safe and warm throughout the winter so that unexpected breakdowns don’t disrupt your comfort or budget. Additionally, our engineers can recommend tips to optimise your boiler’s performance, such as:

Don’t leave your boiler running all the time.

Some homeowners leave their heating on at a lower temperature, thinking it’s the best way to maintain warmth all day and night. However, your heat will eventually lose heat one way or another, making this an inefficient way to stay warm.

Instead, we recommend turning your heating on only when your surroundings feel cold. This won’t just help you save energy and money, but it will minimise your boiler’s wear and tear and ensure consistent performance. Moreover, you can avoid wasting energy when you don’t require heating, like when you leave the house or while you’re asleep.

Bleed the radiators

Maximise your central heating system’s performance by bleeding the radiators at least every six months, preferably as winter nears. Trapped air can build up in your central heating, get stuck in your radiator, and impact the boiler’s performance. Our Vaillant boiler service can take care of this and take the guesswork out of doing it.

Invest in better insulation.

Vaillant boilers may be some of the most efficient, but heat can still escape through the ceiling and walls and make them work harder. This makes them more prone to wear and tear, plus higher energy bills. We recommend insulating your loft and using double-glazed windows and cavity walls to reduce your yearly fuel spend. Additionally, these energy-saving initiatives could qualify you for grants.

Need more tips?

Book our Vaillant boiler service so our heating engineers can offer tailored advice for improving your appliance’s performance. Schedule your appointment here or call 0800 048 5737.

Finding Reliable Boiler Engineers in Kent: Everything You Need to Know

It might be tempting to service or repair a boiler yourself, thinking it can save you money and time. But these tasks are better left to the experts, specifically a boiler engineer in Kent. There are many benefits to hiring a reputable Gas Safe Registered heating engineer who is qualified to do all these jobs safely and correctly. If you need one, look no further. Here at We Service Boilers, we can send a professional to your location at your preferred schedule.

Hire a qualified Gas Safe-registered engineer to do any work on your boiler or heating system, even if the issue seems plumbing-related. Regular plumbers may not have the necessary gas safety training. Here at We Service Boilers, all our engineers are Gas Safe-registered for your complete peace of mind. You can relax knowing you’re getting a reliable and qualified professional for the job.

In addition, we want to give you confidence in our services, so here is a guide to help you find a reliable boiler engineer in Kent.

Get at least 3 quotes.

Compare estimates from at least 3 heating engineers to find the most competitive price. Here at We Service Boilers, we guarantee the most affordable price for repairs and servicing.

Get the quote in writing.

A detailed, itemised quote can help you see how an engineer priced their service. The final price might differ from the original estimate, but having it written ensures you and the engineer are on the same page. We have a track record of offering unbeatable prices that are fair and fixed.

Ask questions

If anything is unclear about the service, ask questions. A reputable boiler engineer in Kent shouldn’t hesitate to answer them and clarify any concerns.

See what other people are saying about the engineer.

Check their ratings and reviews online, as customer feedback can help you make better choices on who to hire. At We Service Boilers, we are proud of our excellent rating on Trust pilot.

Ready to meet a boiler engineer?

Book our boiler engineer in Kent here at We Service Boilers. Call 0800 048 5737 to schedule our visit!