Why Homeowners Trust WeServiceBoilers for Boiler Servicing

Your boiler has a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable home. Choosing not to schedule a yearly boiler service in Medway Kent can lead to various problems, including increased energy bills, safety risks, and the possibility of losing heat in the middle of winter. And because most manufacturers require annual servicing to maintain the warranty, failing to service your boiler annually can void this protection.

Ultimately, regular servicing by a qualified heating engineer will ensure your boiler can work efficiently and safely even in the coldest winters. If you’re searching for a service provider, don’t look elsewhere. Book a boiler service in Medway Kent here at We Service Boilers to save time and money. Many customers trust our heating engineers and prefer our services over other providers, and our Trustpilot reviews can confirm this.

Hassle-free booking

At We Service Boilers, we recognise how challenging it can be for most homeowners to book a boiler service or repair in Kent. So, we thought we could simplify the process and make it cheaper. You can book our boiler service in Medway Kent online or by phone, share your address, and tell us when you want our heating engineers to visit your home.


When you book our heating engineers, you don’t have to worry about surprise fees and contracts. Plus, we don’t require upfront payment. We’ll dispatch local engineers to your place to ensure a service that provides the best value for your money.

We respect you and your home.

Our engineers treat your home as their own. They carry and wear shoe covers to avoid damaging your carpet and always clean up after themselves.

A trustworthy brand

Our boiler service in Medway Kent includes tailored paperwork to help you make a claim to the manufacturer. Plus, we guarantee replacement parts for 12 months.

Affordable boiler service

Some homeowners put off boiler servicing as they believe it’s an unnecessary expense. With this in mind, we guarantee unbeatable, fixed, and fair prices every time. So, you don’t have to sacrifice your safety and comfort to save money. In addition, we’ll make sure your boiler is safe and efficient to avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses down the road.

Are you ready for your boiler service?

Call us today at 0800 048 5737 or book We Service Boilers here. Pick a convenient day, and we’ll send a qualified engineer to service your boiler.